What is the difference between a paperless and bureaucratic loan?

What is the difference between a paperless and bureaucratic loan?

A loan is often the solution to get out of the way or make the purchase with which we dreamed so much. However, it is common for many to give up even trying to get such support because of the bureaucracy involved in making the request.

It is true that sometimes asking for a personal loan can be a long and bureaucratic process, but this does not always happen. Today, with the facilities that the internet offers, it is possible to get a loan without paperwork and have access to money in less time than you think.

Want to know how? Keep reading and understand the differences between loans without and with paperwork!

Face-to-face loan in banks: excessive bureaucracy

Face-to-face loan in banks: excessive bureaucracy

It is common for people to look for the banks they own when applying for a personal loan. However, the processes of a face-to-face loan with large banks can be filled with bureaucracy and difficult to achieve.

To exemplify, some of the requirements of these institutions when giving out personal loans may include:

  • Proof of income;
  • Supply of as well as collateral (home or car, for example);
  • Do not have the name denied;
  • Copy of several personal documents, such as RG, CPF, work card, among others;
  • Justification of the destination of the money.

In addition, it is often required that you make visits to your bank manager to close the loan contract, which causes you to waste time and money traveling and face the big queues at the banks. Not to mention that the entire process can take days, disrupting your planning.

Loan without bureaucracy: the personal loan online

Loan without bureaucracy: the <a href=personal loan online” />

The online loan comes as an alternative to the bureaucratic and slow loans offered by the banks. In this no-bureaucratic loan model, you can make your request directly with a financial or correspondent bank and, what is better, everything over the internet, from any place and time.

The process takes place as follows:

  1. You enter the Cratchit family website;
  2. Make the simulation of the value and time in which you want to repay the loan to see the installments;
  3. Fill in your contact information;
  4. Fill in the registration data, including bank accounts (your account can only be viewed, without any access to carry out transactions);
  5. It confirms the conditions, accepts the terms of the contract and confirms the request;
  6. The answer comes in a matter of minutes and if approved, the money goes straight into the informed account.

This entire process takes a few hours and you have the great advantage of doing everything without leaving home. To evaluate your profile and approve or not the loan, the financials that offer personal loan online make an analysis of your credit history and your account from the data informed, reducing much of the bureaucracy.

You do not have to worry about sending any copies of documentation or vouchers. You must be over 18 and your CPF is active. It is also important that all data, especially the bank account, is in its own name.

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